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Giggs still has the midas touch

RYAN GIGGS had done more than most to establish Manchester United's 2-0 lead at Old Trafford on Saturday and it was he who helped more than most to retain it. At 35, going on a worrying 36 next month, there is little time to squander. As United threatened to buckle under the late Bolton Wanderers barrage, it was Giggs who broke up play, Giggs who launched the pressure-releasing Ball Valves counter-attacks and Giggs who took the ball into the corner to run down the clock. Most un-United, most unlike champions, depressing almost, as United reclaimed first place in the Premier League thanks to Chelsea's earlier Resilient Seated Gate Valves capitulation away to Aston Villa. Yet as Liverpool were bounced farther into oblivion by a rogue beach ball, it was exactly what United needed. Ride the storm, let others fail elsewhere, take the three points. Only Arsenal, against Birmingham City, kept up the 'big-four' pace. Nervous "It was a nervous occasion," Alex Ferguson, the United manager, admitted. "There was panic at times but we got through it. Just. Some of our football today was very good. You always like to have good starts. We could have got two or three goals. "We should have finished the game off but didn't. Sometimes you find yourself regretting these things. But particularly with the other results around us at the top, it's been a good day for us." A good day for Giggs. His influence should be on the wane, yet he seems to grow with the passing years -- and not only in the designer stubble stakes. He makes George Michael look positively baby-faced. Gary Megson, the Bolton manager, could merely stand back, look on and admire. "Ryan was the last person we wanted on the pitch in the last few minutes because he's got all that quality and intelligence," Megson said. "They had the opportunity to try to score and make it 3-1, but he took it into the corner and kept it there. It took our momentum away." Just as well. Without the injured Nemanja Vidic at the back Automatic Control Valves and with Rio Ferdinand's inconsistent form persisting, not least because of the constant roughing up from Kevin Davies, Bolton's battle-axe of a captain, it needed a release valve somewhere. Giggs, all left foot and deft leverage, provided it. "I know Ryan from playing for Wales," Sam Ricketts, the Bolton right back, said. "He's one of the best players ever to play for United. He defies logic. Everyone writes him off and he comes back better than what he was before. There aren't many better than him."

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吉格斯做了比大多数建立曼联在老特拉福德2-0领先周六,谁是他帮助超过大多数把它保留下来。 35岁时,将在下月36令人担忧,没有多少时间浪费。 至于美国威胁要扣已故博尔顿的强大攻势,这是吉格斯谁分手发挥,吉格斯是谁发动的压力释放的反击和吉格斯谁带进了比赛的胜利,以降低时钟运行。 大多数联合国联合国,最不像冠军,几乎令人沮丧,作为联合国填海在英超联赛由于切尔西客场投降前阿斯顿维拉首位。 然而,作为利物浦的反弹被遗忘更远的一个无赖沙滩球,但正是美国需要的。乘坐风暴,让别人无法在其他地方,采取的3个点。只有阿森纳对伯明翰,保持了'四大'的步伐。 神经 “这是一个紧张之际,”弗格森的曼联主教练,他承认。 “有恐慌的时候,但我们通过它了。只是。对我们的足球今天,有些是非常好的。你总是希望有好的开始。我们也可以有两个或三个目标。 “我们应该已经完成了比赛,但没有关闭。有时候你会发现自己这些事情表示遗憾。但在我们身边,尤其是在顶部的其他结果,这是我们的一个好日子。” 吉格斯的一个好日子。他的影响应该在减弱,但他似乎在成长中流逝的岁月-不仅在设计茬股份。他让乔治迈克尔积极研究娃娃脸。加里Megson,对博尔顿的经理,可能只是退一步,就欣赏看看。 “吉格斯是最后一个人,我们就在最后几分钟间距要求的,因为他已经得到了全部的质量和情报,”Megson说。 “他们有机会尝试得分,使3-1,但他到角落里,不断在那儿。花了我们的势头了。” 一样好。没有受伤的维迪奇在背部和里奥费迪南德的不一致的形式坚持,不是因为不断从凯文粗,博尔顿的战斗戴维斯的一名上尉斧子时,它需要一个至少释放阀某处。吉格斯,所有的左脚和娴熟的杠杆作用,只要它。 “我知道从威尔士比赛瑞恩”萨姆里基茨,右后卫的博尔顿说。 “他是有史以来最好的球员之一,为联合国发挥。他不符合逻辑。大家把写他回来,他比他以前。没有许多比他更好。”