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(CNN) -- A battery-powered pump with a name that means "new heart" has given a new lease on life to hundreds of heart patients in Europe, and will soon be healing ailing hearts in the United States. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved Globe Valves the Novacor -- a portable heart pump that is technically called a left ventricular assist system. The Novacor helps the heart's left ventricle -- one of the heart's four chambers -- pump blood through the body, doing the work that diseased or weakened hearts cannot do. The device has been in use in Europe for four years. Novacor patient Mauro Beani developed heart trouble from the chemotherapy he took to combat a slow-growing form of cancer. The pump, encased in plastic and embedded in Beani's body below his ribs, has a strange characteristic that offers an odd comfort to those who wear the device: it ticks -- loud enough to be heard. Mauro Beani Beani "The fact that you can hear it tick... therefore you know that you are okay," Beani told CNN. (Audio 77 K/6 sec. AIFF or WAV sound) The ticking sound comes from two magnets that smack into each other as they squeeze a plastic pouch located between them. Blood from the weakened heart fills the pouch, and theForged Steel Valves magnets squeeze the blood into the circulatory system. A computer triggers each pumping action, synchronizing it with the patient's heartbeat. "Our system is smart enough to realize when the heart is speeding up or slowing down, and adjusts to its beat rate and its flow control rate accordingly," explained Jal Jassawalla, Novacor's inventor. The device is implanted in the body, but a thin wire runs from the device and stays outside the body. The wire connects the pump to the battery pack. RELATED VIDEO Ticking heart pump offers hope for heart patients Windows Media 28K 56K The power supply and the microcomputer that controls the pump are located in a blue satchel, which the patient carries constantly. Batteries last up to four hours each. When it's time to change the batteries, a backup battery keeps the pump working. At bedtime, patients plug into a power cord so they can sleep through the night. Of the 800 Novacor patients worldwide, only one is reported to have died while using the device. While the Novacor only supports one of the heart's four chambers, doctors say that's all the support needed by 90 percent of heart patients. "In a patient who has heart failure, it is usually the left ventricle that fails," said Dr. Roland Hetzer, a heart surgeon in Berlin. Hetzer has used the Novacor both to sustain patients awaiting Water power control valvesheart transplants, and to help some ailing hearts heal so that no transplant is necessary. Doctors estimate as many as 70,000 European heart patients a year could benefit from the Novacor. An equal number of heart patients in the United States could benefit from the device, as well as thousands more in other parts of the world. Novacor and its upkeep is not cheap, costing about $100,000 per patient. But long-term care for patients with seriously weakened hearts can also cost a hefty sum. Correspondent Rick Lockhart contributed to this report.
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(有线电视新闻网) - 一个由电池供电的名称,意思是“新心脏”已就生活在欧洲心脏病患者数百名新生泵,很快就会愈合的美国心脏受损。 美国食品和药物管理局最近批准由于Richard - 便携式心脏泵的技术名称是左心辅助系统。 由于Richard有助于心脏的左心室 - 一个心脏的四个法庭 - 泵通过人体血液,做工作,患病或削弱心不能做。 该装置已在欧洲使用4年。 Novacor病人毛贝亚尼发达国家从化疗他打击一个缓慢增长的癌症心脏病。 泵,装在塑料和贝亚尼跌破了肋骨,身体嵌入,有一个奇怪的特征,提供了一个奇怪的人安心,谁穿的设备:它蜱 - 响亮到可以听到。 毛贝亚尼 贝亚尼 “事实上,你可以听到滴答...因此,你知道你是好的,”贝亚尼告诉CNN。 (音频77钾/ 6秒。AIFF或WAV声音) 滴答作响的声音来自两个磁铁互相拍击到他们挤压塑料袋它们之间的位置。 从削弱心脏血液填充袋,和磁铁挤入血液循环系统。计算机触发每个抽水行动,同步与病人的心跳了。 “我们的制度是足够聪明的实现时,核心是加快或减慢,并调整其击败率和控制率及其相应流量解释说:”日航Jassawalla,Novacor的发明者。 该装置植入体内,但细线从设备上运行,并在体外停留。该线连接泵的电池组。 相关视频 褥套心脏泵可为心脏病患者的希望 Windows媒体过敏蛋白速度56K 电源和微机,控制泵位于蓝色挎包,而病人进行不断。 电池可以持续4小时。当是时候更换电池,备用电池保持泵工作。 在就寝时间,病人插入电源线,这样他们就可以睡一个晚上。 在800 Novacor全世界患者中,只有一个是报已死亡,而使用该设备。 虽然由于Richard只支持心脏的四个商会之一,医生说这是所有90对心脏病患者百分之必要的支持。 “谁在一个病人有心脏衰竭,但往往是失败左心室博士说:”罗兰追猎者,在柏林的心脏外科医生。 追猎者利用由于Richard既维持病人等候心脏移植手术,并帮助一些生病的心中没有愈合,使移植是必要的。 医生们估计多达7.0万的欧洲心脏病患者,每年可受惠于由于Richard。一个在美国心脏病患者人数相等可受益于该设备,以及数千名在世界其他地区。 Novacor,其保养并不便宜,大约为每名患者100,000成本。但是,长期严重削弱与长期护理病人的心也可以花费巨额款项。 记者里克洛克哈特促成了这一报告。